Android Set to Overtake Apple in the Tablet War, Grows Nearly 30% in One Year

In a move that has certainly caught this writer off-guard, Strategy Analytics’ latest report tells of Android’s rise to 30% share in the tablet market last quarter, up from just 2.9% last year. Microsoft, even though they haven’t released their tablet-optimized Windows 8 yet, still manages to outsell RIM’s Playbook 4.6% to 3.3%. Apple still stands at a dominating 61.3%, though this is down from last year’s 94%.

Last week we predicted that Android would turn the tide in this tablet war, as it has with smartphones, and Google is definitely on track to make this a reality. Truth be told, we don’t ever want to see one OS completely overtake another. Competition is good for innovation, and innovation is good for consumers.

[via bgr]

  • HepCat

    Excellent:) Show the cowards at Apple what competition is really about.

  • Siddesh

    yeah thats SHIPMENTS not SALES