HTC Desire HD update to fix Wifi Issues

HTC is rolling out a new update (software version 2.50.405.2) for the HTC Desire HD, and they’re olling it out over the air. According to reports, the update will address the wifi issues that have been plaguing Desire HD users. Aside from that, we can expect some small bug fixes / squishes, along with the same Android 2.3.3 and Sense 2.1. As of now, the update is only being spotted on unbranded Desire HD units in Europe.

If any of our readers out there have gotten or are expecting the update, be sure to sound off in the comments!

[via xda]

  • updating………….

  • Owen

    Yep got it yesterday, not noticed any major changes and as I rarely use wi-fi not a problem

  • Tony Hedges

    Got it. Unbranded DHD in UK.

  • Martin Bryant

    Just got the update. Now to see how it works…

    HTC Desire HD Unbranded on Vodafone UK

  • Mario

    I just got the OTA update notification.

    PS: it’s a hutchison 3g austria phone

  • Philip Deighton

    Got it monday 19th. didn’t have a wifi problem anyway. Unbranded DHD on O2 in UK

  • DukesManango

    Yeah, got it too. Unbranded, UK.

  • Lee

    Got it on a 3 UK branded handset. Not too sure what wifi issues they are talking about though…

  • mikej

    Got the update, but never had a problem anyway! how do you update smartphone perfection?

  • Greg Draven

    Just updated OTA.

    That being said, I don’t think I have ever had any WiFi issues!


  • che

    The new base does more problems to wlan for most users as there have been before. ARHD uses this base for se
    veral weeks now and more wkan rekated problems arise.

  • Greg Draven



  • Roman

    Got it @ 20 of july, unbranded russia

  • Cory

    It fixes issues that Desire HD’s were having with turning on and finding nearby networks. Was quite annoying having to wait 5 minutes for wifi to turn on properly. Now fixed though.

  • Rich

    Got it this morning after a manual update scan. No obvious change to performance, but I wasn’t aware there was a problem.

    DHD unbranded (Orange) UK

  • kurak

    Got an OTA update and also wifi error :(

  • Denem

    Got it today (21st July) ota update, unbranded DHD. Seems to be much better, not dropping the WiFi connection anymore. Yay!

  • martin k smith

    Got the update. WiFi has definitely improved.

  • Tony Willis

    Got the OTA on Wednesday 20/07.
    Can’t say that I’ve noticed any differences but like others, I never had a wi-fi problem before other than the drain that leaving the antenna on caused to battery life.
    STILL waiting for a GPS fix after the 2.3.3 update

  • Jørgen Thulstrup

    Most visible change for me is that an old error is reintroduced to my Desire HD with the update.
    An alert keep showing again and again telling me that the process need to be stopped.

    I have now (again) uninstalled Picasa Web Albums to get rid of the problem.

  • Nathan

    Got the update yesterday (25/7), caused more problems than it fixed. Phone now slower, battery life worse, calls now drop out randomly but don’t ‘end’ cbasically can;t press end call when call dropped and have to reboot phone. Not a happy bunny.

  • Ryan

    I got this update too. Didn’t have an issue with wi-fi but did the update & it fixed an issue I was having with my Facebook for HTC Sense account. Before the update my contact photos were not updating. All fixed now! It was really starting to get on my nerves so glad it’s sorted now.

    DHD unbranded (Vodafone) UK

  • Chris

    I didn’t have a wifi issue.
    It updated over the weekend and now I do!
    Wifi says its ‘turning on’ then it just says ‘ERROR’
    can’t scan etc.

    Been in touch with HTC and performed a factory reset, but it’s exactly the same.

    Not very happy and I wont be updating again once it’s fixed

    • Nancy

      Hi Chris,
      Did you ever find a fix for this?
      I have only recently started getting this problem.

  • Jen

    I am the same as Chris (1st Aug) was fine before now it won’t connect to wifi… just keeps saying unable to scan for networks ! Nightmare. Factory reset tried with no joy so any ideas greatfully received.

  • Chris

    Let me know if you have any luck Jen and I’ll do likewise.

    Anyone else with this problem?

  • Jen

    HTC said do 2 factory resets and then reset the router… I have reemailed to say that I haved done that and still no joy, it won’t even pick up the network at work or when out and about in wifi spots !! Awaiting a further update.
    Will keep you all posted.

  • Marc Schipperheyn

    Does it solve the problems with Desire HD not correctly selecting ISO 800 in nightshots (leading to blurry pictures)?

  • neimad

    Hi, i found a fix for that problem. At least, it worked for me

    i’ve updated my htc desire hd to gingerbread two days ago. Since then, i couldn’t connect on the internet via wifi. In fact, i could connect to the wifi routeur (LAN) but couldn’t go further (broad internet). All pages loaded blank, no sync possible, no conneion at all (coz impossible to connect to distant servers) …

    Since i could connect my wifi routeur, the wifi antenna must be working … it had to be a problem of network config … i thought about a dns problem, but connecting to the server directly via ip didnt work either.

    All i did was to override the DHCP config and force my htc to connect to the wifi routeur with a fixed ip with the right parameters (ip,netmask,dns). I tried, and it worked ! Things are back to normal and wifi connexion is working well.

    I read that the problem might be connected to some routeur (a router firmware update fixed the problem to some ppl).

    If you’re hopeless and already tried solutions such as removing the batteries, factory resetting your device, with no success, i suggest you to try this. It worked for me and might work for you as well !

    Good luck, hope this message left on the internet will help ppl around !


    • Guest

       I gave my HTC Desire a static DHCP and it worked too. Thanks.

    • Leea

      Sorry and how do you do that?

    • Natty77

      Hello there, my name is Nate. i’d like to use your method to solve the problem, but i’m actually not really good in IT thingy. So, could you please explain what is DHCP?

  • irelevant

    i have read the posts about the new update killing the gps, so i delayed the update till today. after updating to 2.50 firmware the gps is working fine!
    no other problems detected!
    i own a DHD orange branded (Romania)

  • Edd

    My DHD is from T-Mobile but I’m from Brazil. Got the OTA update yesterday. wifi works better now. It was dropping every 2 minutes when the signal was not that good. Then i had to turn wifi off and on again for it to see my wifi again. Now it’s ok.

  • Tommy

    My phone just downloaded the particular update and I was advise by HTC to do the two resets, first the battery, then the factory, neither worked, now they are saying I need to send it away for repair, but I fail to see why I should have to pay for their mistake, has anyone found a way of fixing the wifi without it costing the earth? My phone is unbranded but has an o2 UK sim in.

  • Season Prater

    Has anyone solved this yet? I did the upgrade on my Orange HTC Desire HD and still can not connect to WIFI at all.

  • Frank W

    I’m having WI-FI problems with my HTC Desire HD, It will connect sometimes, But am unable to surf the web, there is an error message comming up that the Web page has moved, ANd yet the WI-FI shows activated, But it works on everything else though, I’ve had this problem for 2 weeks already, And my phone provider don’t know what to do with it, If I had known, I would have never got this phone, Now I can’t even do my business, unless I go through the DATA system, And it cost way to much.

  • Nizar_b_G

    hi i have WI-FI problems with my HTC Desire HD, It will maket eroor when i try to tern it on that haben after im update mi phone to 2.3.3 so hat i can do to fix it

  • Frankwunifab

    I have yet to recieve my update, I posted a comment two months ago, well what ever site I subscribed to, I got nothing but a ton of emails that had nothing to do with the isue i’m having with my phone, I have begon to tell everyone I meet not to buy any of the Android phones, due to the isues they are having, I hope more people begin to do the same, If the company’s don’t want to fix them then Get them the Heck out of the Market!! I have tried everything I can to fix the isue with comments made that had been successful with there phones, some of the Ideas worked for not more then an hour, then back to the same problem, So I’m not sure what to think now, did it work for the others or not, But I know this for sure I’ve been successful in preventing sales for more then 100 of these Dam phones in the pass Month.   

    • Mustardtiger78

      I think your flattering yourself a tad… 100 phones? Your probably one of those negative Nancy’s that no one actually listens to cause your a hateful person hating on everything. Dont hate the player, hate the game, nig

  • Ausrukik

    Unable to turn on both WiFi and hotspot on my HTC Desire HD…

  • Srikanthbandari9

    As i am not getting notification of recieved messages…. 

  • Dougiebridges

    Hi my HTC desire Jr did a factory reset without me knowing, I’ve lost all my contacts and my messages, l would like to retrieve them pls help

  • Joe McDaniel

    I got a used Desire HD that would not connect to WiFi.  I eventually found that doing a factory data reset was the solution — once I did that, I had to go through the initialization steps but the WiFi worked perfectly.

    • Mwesigwa Samueels

      Hello Joe McDaniel, I am facing the same issue. Please advise me how on the initialization steps.

  • Joem5636

    One problem with the Desire HD GPS is using a case.  I had a case on my HD and that virtually eliminated GPS. Removed the case and GPS was just fine!

  • drwho

    HTC Desire is a dysfunctional mess. Constant problems with software, finally, antenna issues that the manuf will not fix w/o $$$$$. My advice is not to buy a HTC or Huawei, they are both a piece of crap