Google, Listen Up! Here’s A Few Things We’d Like To See In Gmail For Android 2

Last week I couldn’t help but rant about all of the missing features that Gmail for Android was lacking.  The post was extremely well received and a bunch of you guys had no trouble adding, via the comments, what else you thought was missing.  I wanted to take the time, in hopes that Google just might be listening, to post some of those ides below.  Without further ado, here are some other added features mentioned in the comments by you, the ever awesome Talk Android fan.  Even as I write this, the comments just keep flooding in, reflecting how much Android users want to see these features implemented.  Check it out for yourself and don’t hesitate to share any other features you think Gmail might be missing.  Anything in blue is a feature I especially want to see added some time in the near future.  


Totally with you on this. You should start a petition!


I would like the ability to save PDF attachments directly to your phone instead of only being able to “preview” them to view.


The Gmail for android is great but it could and should awesome if it had these features:

– Better conversation view,
Themes support,
– More control over the gmail app (settings),
– Extended settings (pop3 – force sync, etc)
– etc


i think you are absolutely right.

i use only the official gmail and i use it a lot. even a dark theme would be helpful to allow the system avoid blank background and save battery (and my eyes :) )
i would really like to have these features. but it’s seems to me that google is not pushing enough on his already delivered official apps.

even the new google reader app(that i over use) would necessitate some improvement like here pinch to zoom and themes (dark of course)..

i really hope that these features will arive soon enough


The mobile version of GMail broke working with attachments. If you get a multi-page TIFF file, it turns it into a JPEG (first page) and loses the other pages. We need an option to save ALL attachments (unaltered) to storage.


Or how about uploading docs from emails to Google Docs from within GMail.


Also we need some details about the received emails in the notifications.


When entering email addresses in the To: box, how about prioritizing the names that display by how often they are emailed, then by alphabetical position. So when I type ‘Jen’, the Jennifer that I email the most shows up at the top of the list, rather than the first alphabetical ‘Jen’, who I never email.


How about a “move” function? I have to uncheck the folder the item is in and check the folder I want it moved to. Why not just a “move” function? Also, this conversation thread thing is really annoying. When someone responds to an e-mail, it will show up as being in my Inbox and subfolder. Gmail needs to be polished and soon!


I second the article.
I would also like to see alternate UI options.


Unified inbox for multiple accounts
Custom notification for different accounts
Improved UI


Notifications for different labels!


I’ve been using gtasks of late, and been a bit frustrated that you can’t make a task from an email in mobile gmail.


A check all to delete all would be very much appreciated. Instead of only being able to delete one at a time


Oh boy, I couldn’t care less about skinning Gmail. That is just unnecessary fluff. Let’s get some real features built into Gmail such as:
the ability to send emails to a group. If there is a way to do this from within the gmail app I haven’t seen it.
the ability to save any kind of attachment. Why should I have to use the ‘Download all files’ app from the market to do this?
-and my personal biggest pet peeve: The ability to filter my emails to only display UNREAD emails!!!! Many times the Android Gmail app says I have a new email but I can’t find it to save my life because it was in response to a conversation that is buried somewhere.

Google, please spend your time on these kinds of improvements before you make it look prettier.


Pinch and zoom…we really need that!!!!


Empty Trash button!


I’d like to be able to configure the application to always display images when I’m connected on Wifi.

It’d be nicer to have the Download Images button only on 3G.


How about the ability to use contact groups on the mobile version!


how about a tablet like gmail widget ? i just dont understatnd why isnt there a gmail widger or sms widget in the stock rom. I know there are some widgets available in the market for text, but nothing for gmail or any mail for that matter.


I would like to see an option to “Fit to Screen” for html mail?

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  • Diane

    Would be nice to have an “undo-send” feature. I know it’s a Labs feature but it really should become an official one. Love it on the regular Gmail, it’s weird that you can undo deleting an email on the mobile but not send.

    The filtering “Unread” emails would be nice too!


  • Make it look pretty. Compare to the yahoo mail app. Would like it to be more pleasing like that. A bit of color can be a really good thing!

  • Dave Diamond

    isn’t it nice how we have an open platform where anyone can develop an app to do anything? why do we need to wait for Google to develop a better gmail client?

  • JMC907

    How about CC someone?? ( unless I missed that somewhere in the options??)

  • Håvard

    How about being able to forward mails, WITH attachments… I don’t know if it can be done but I sure haven’t figured it out as every time I forward a mail that has attachments, the attachments themselves are not included in the forwarded mail.

  • Julian


    MULTI-USER !!!

    If you own a tablet not everybody wants his wife to read your Email.
    Even if, when she is using it, she should not get a notification if I get an Email.

  • Barrao

    Wigdet or native icon that shows unread mail count, same for SMS
    Popup preview when receiving mail

  • Todd

    Sometimes when I am adding more than 5 or so email addresses in the ‘To:’ field it becomes difficult to add more. Let’s say I already have about 5 people listed in the To: field and I am trying to add another one. I start typing their name but it becomes very difficult to see the list of possible names and select the one I want. It seems that the more names I add to the To: field the harder it gets to add more. I have a Droid Incredible and use the Slideit keyboard. Not sure if this is related to Gmail or Slideit but I would like this problem to go away. Thanks!

  • dylan

    gmail widget