“Selected” Android Devices To Receive HBO GO On May 2nd

There was word several days ago that HBO would be launching an application for streaming and viewing content on your Android device with a date at the end of the video for 5/2.  Well, thanks to Direct TV’s official Twitter account, it looks like it’s been confirmed.  On May 2nd HBO subscribers will now be able to view all of their favorite HBO shows……..on the GO.  There’s still no word as to which “selected” devices are going to carry the service yet.  This also begs the question, will the services required a dual-core CPU or not?  Only time will tell, so be sure to stay tuned because we’ll be all over it when it’s officially released.  Let us know what you think of the service to be in the comments below.


[@DirectTV via ac]

  • curse

    My guess is that it’s “selected carriers” more then “selected devices”.
    If a “simple” service like this(there are already other streaming video apps) require dual-core, it’s a badly coded app. Most “high-end”(1GHz) Android devices should be able to handle most things you can throw at them.
    However… I think it’s selected carriers instead, I doubt that I, here in Sweden, will be able to use it. American companies likes to lock them self in and only provide access in selected areas(usually within the US and Canada but can as well be “within Chicago metropolitan area” or similar).
    Who will pay HBO the most? AT&T? Sprint? Verizon? Three? I think the question is there…