Google now allows you to opt out of ad targeting via the Android Market

Are you a huge privacy aficionado? Sure you are – and that’s precisely why this latest news will excite you. Google is now, after an update to the Android Market, allowing you to opt-out of the targeted AdMob advertising system.

While we’re personally not huge on clicking on AdMob ads in the first place, it’s nice to see Google handing back a little bit of privacy to those who may not WANT advertising based on whatever their search habits may be.

Think this is good? Bad? Indifferent? Let us know in the comments!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

  • As a developer, I think it’s good that people have the choice. We want people to get the advertising experience that works for them.. it’s good for everyone.

    As a user, I wouldn’t opt out of the targeted ads. I’d rather see ads for things I’m interested in/nearby vs things that don’t interest me or are of no use to me.

  • Whilst i’ve always thought of interest target ad’s as a good thing (who wants to be presented with something completely different to what you like?).. they are starting to get on my nerves a fair bit.

    Every day i’ll go onto the web and see the same old adverts, day after day. I’ve already signed up to these products.. why are you still trying to get me again? So yeah.. i’ll be turning this off.

  • Howard

    @Best Android Apps – I know what you mean, I keep seeing the same ads for services I already signed up for too :D.

    Having said that, I prefer to see ads about topics that I care about than random stuff. I do wish Google Ads has a “Don’t Show Me This” concept like FB ads does though.

  • Dark Wizard Matoya

    I never click on internet ads so I really could care less whether they are targeted to me or not. I do care a great deal about my privacy however, so if turning off targeted ads will preserve just a little bit of my privacy them I’m all for it.

  • Whizz

    This is not a particularly useful or appealing thing for Google to have spent resources on. Perhaps Google’s time would be better spent solving a more simple user requirement for privacy:

    Google continually fails to provide adequate management capabilities for cookies. For Chrome it is basically accept all or none. This is the only major browser that fails to allow users to block third party cookies while accepting 1st party – let alone controlling 1st party.

    It is actually quite the Trojan horse and clearly shows that the so-called Chinese wall between the bright side (altruistic engineering) and the dark side (advertising revenue) of the Googleplex clearly has a major hole right in the middle of it.

    What happened to “do no evil” Larry? Why do your “do good” folks think it is OK to ignore all the requests there have been for this ever since Chrome beta shipped? Why has that Trojan horse been carried into Android?

    Perhaps the Feds should take note of this as they slap Google’s wrists for its failure to respect individual privacy …

  • NYC10075

    It will come at a cost to developers who provide quality FREE apps that are ad supported. While I don’t think a majority of Android owners will turn this off, I wonder what the net effect will be on folks who use the Ad Revenue to develop and update their apps or will it mean that previously free apps will now become paid to enjoy the same utility?

  • Hi, would the author be up for explaining what ‘While we’re personally not huge on clicking on AdMob ads in the first place,’ means? Why is this even necessary to say? Who is a fan of advertising? In any medium? But it helps support app developers. This has to be one of the most retarded, crazy, small-minded comments on advertising I have ever read.

  • Mitch

    This one took me a minute to find as well but if you click the “Apps” on screen button (6 squares in a rectangle formation with a big circle around it, mine sits at the center bottom of my screen), then slide over in the apps until you see the blue and grey Google buttons (one says Google and is blue, the other is Google Settings and is gray and has a gear on the icon).

    Click this, then the rest makes sense (see for better directions: (replace xx with tt in link and remove spaces): hxxp:// blog/ 8614/ advertising-id-google-tracks-android-device-opt/)

  • Stinky

    I really really hate forced adchoice and all other ads. I have tried to remove them from android but I don’t want to root my phone.

  • Gun_Slinger

    Bought Tracfone so as to have a cell phone. I DID NOT pay good money so they can make MORE money from those who want to SHOVE their advertisements down my tush.

    I can’t even make a call with a couple pop up adds jumping out and covering my screen thus blocking and covering over my work sight.

    AND THERE IS THAT PORN that keeps popping up even though we have no apps downloaded.

    It is getting to the point that we are about to cut our losses, crank out a video to post on YouTube showing how we took a sledge hammer to our new TracFones while giving them the worst possible ratings we can give.

    We have tried calling TracFone service department only to keep getting some blasted foreign techie who can’t even speak English to a point you can understand what the flip they are saying.