Rogers price plans leaked for upcoming Nexus S launch


All major carriers in Canada will be launching the Nexus S over the next few weeks, and Rogers prices have been released, which should more or less set the standard for pricing across Canada for others to follow. Prices are shown in the flyer above, and place the Nexus S at $499.99 outright, $449.99 on a month to month or 1 year plan, and finally $99.99 on the introductory price with a 3 year contract.

You may also notice in the flyer that it says the 3 year contract would be $349.99 normally, which we hope Rogers doesn’t do because that is insanity! Don’t worry though, if Rogers does that eventually, it’ll only open the door wider for places like Videotron and Telus to mark it much lower and thus…steal customers.

Rogers, you so funny sometimes!

[via mobilesyrup]