XDA Member Brings All In One Weather, Battery and Clock Widget. Spares Your Screen Real Estate

Yet another talented member of XDA, joey3002, has produced a useful and handy all in one widget which provides users with weather, battery indication and a functional clock.  How is this different than any other “all in one” widget you say?  Well, for starters, it delivers all of these features in the compact size of a standard Android icon, freeing up more real estate for your device.  He calls the app Maximus Clock, a bit ironic don’t you think?  If you’ve been looking for a compact application to provide you with several functions in one, and without compromising half your screen to get it, then head on over to the application thread and feel free to dive in with any feedback on the app that you might have.  Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

From the developer:

It is a 2×2 widget that shows your battery level around the clock, the current weather inside the clock and of course the analog clock. Its free but I also have a donation ($1.00) one as well.

[via xda]

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