Android App Go SMS Updated to v2.19


For those that like to spice up the stock android messaging application, you can find many different flavors out there in the Android Market. Just to name a few, Handcent SMS, ChompSMS, and Go SMS. All of which have their own unique messaging experience. Our own Joe Sirianni wrote on Go SMS eariler this month in his personal app review.

Today Go SMS has been updated to 2.19. Check out the screenie below for the details!


  • miguel

    HTC Desire z

    i was wondering why after i updated to the current version does the app always appear on running services? prior to the update i never saw go sms in running services. the app runs at 17mb up to 22mb. i stop the service but after opening go sms its on running services again. there is a slight bump in performance but if its using that much memory i dont think its worth it. anyone else experiencing this?