Epic Games is bringing their own gaming storefront to Android

Epic Games circumvented the Google Play Store with the launch of Fortnite by exclusively releasing the massively popular game through Samsung’s own store for Galaxy devices and Epic’s website for everyone else. This avoided Google’s 30% revenue cut and allowed Epic to release updates more directly to players, if you believe them.

They’re taking that a step further now by creating their own Epic Games store where you’ll be able to download titles like Fortnite, but also many other games from developers that are attracted to Epic’s much smaller 12%/88% revenue split. There’s no requirement for DRM either, so this looks to be a more more developer and player friendly storefront.

With Epic Games primarily being a PC and console game developer this new storefront is aimed at Steam on desktop PCs, but it’s coming to mobile devices, too. That’s a direct competitor to Google Play and would act very similarly to stores like Amazon, albeit with a much tighter focus.

If you want to play Fortnite on mobile you’re probably going to be downloading this at some point anyway, but Epic plans to actually get this store out to users sometime in 2019.

via: Polygon

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