Google will eventually migrate Hangouts users to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet

Google has a really poor track record when it comes to their chat apps, and after a rumor leaked this weekend that Hangouts would finally be axed in 2020, it didn’t leave many of us very hopeful. Now Hangouts lead Scott Johnston from Google has clarified that instead of just leaving Hangouts users out to dry, they’ll be migrated to two more chat apps. Because of course Google’s solution to everything is to just make more chat apps that overlap their current offerings.

Right now Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are Google’s group chat and video conference services that are currently exclusive to their G Suite users. However, by the time Hangouts is put out to pasture that should have changed and regular users will be able to them, and that’s where they’ll be migrated to. Johnston also clarified that there’s no real set date for when Hangouts will be shuttered, even though we all know that it’s coming.

So get ready to add two versions of Hangouts to Google’s current lineup of messaging apps, and don’t expect either one to beat the original Hangouts in functionality.

Insert eye roll emoji here.

source: Phone Arena

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  • Richard Dennis

    LOL Hangouts Talk, Hangouts Duo, Hangouts Allo, Hangouts voice…. When will they learn… One ring to rule them all.