More details about Samsung’s Galaxy S10 design have leaked

As we get closer and closer to Samsung’s next flagship (no not that one) we’re going to see more leaks about it. This time we unfortunately don’t have any renders or pictures to work with, but Evan Blass has disclosed some new details about the design we’ll see on the Galaxy S10, some of which is new info and some just confirms what we’ve already heard.

Everyone’s holding their breath on whether or not Samsung will ever adopt a display notch after being one of the last few Android OEMs without one. If Evan Blass’s leak is correct, well, the answer to that is kind of muddy.

The leak suggests that we’ll see a small hole in the display to make room for the front-facing camera, which sounds more in line with what Essential did. That’s still kind of technically a notch, I guess? This is just one of those things that we really have a hard time visualizing without actually seeing it.

However, other details are much easier to wrap your head around. There will be an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner underneath the screen, a triple camera system like the LG V40 with a regular lens, wide angle lens, and telephoto lens, and obviously the newly unveiled One UI and Android Pie for the software.

Samsung phones tend to leak quite a bit before any official announcements, but I think the Galaxy S10 is one of the most interesting leaked devices we’ve seen in a while. There’s been a ton of confusing information surrounding the phone, so we’re still really not certain how the phone will look next year.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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