Galaxy S10 leak suggests Samsung will use an AI co-processor

Samsung is poised to make a big splash with the Galaxy S10, especially after the incremental upgrade that was the Galaxy S9. There are tons of rumors about a few different models, new hardware features, and in-display fingerprint scanners, but Samsung really needs to turn heads to get people interested in upgrading from the last few generations of Galaxy phones.

The latest rumor about Samsung’s 2019 flagship claims that the company will join Apple, Google, and Huawei by putting a neural processing unit in the Galaxy S10 to help with AI computation and photography. Other companies use those kinds of co-processors to take some stress off the main CPU and get some seriously impressive performance gains, so it’s really a mystery how Samsung has avoided doing this for as long as they have.

Additionally, the chip is rumored to be a 7nm dual-core NPU, so it should be fairly efficient and effective. Rumors suggest it’ll primarily be used to help out with image processing with Samsung’s Exynos 9820 CPU. Whether or not it’ll still be present on versions of the phone with Qualcomm chips isn’t clear.

source: Ice Universe (Twitter)

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