Samsung finally posts an official folding phone teaser ahead of SDC 2018

Just when we thought we were out Samsung goes and pulls us back in by posting an official teaser for a foldable smartphone on its Facebook page. That’s right, after literally years of having to endure countless leaks, official concept videos, and oh so many rumors, Samsung has finally folded and given us what we deserve want. 

Now that I’ve cranked up your excitement, it’s time to deflate the mood ever so slightly because while Samsung, has indeed, teased a foldable device on its official Facebook page, the main image is all that we have to go on. Officially.

Unofficially, it’s believed that Samsung will show off a foldable device at its Developer Conference later this week with a 7.3-inch OLED display primary display on the inside with a 4.6-inch OLED display on the exterior. For the moment at least, there are no details on which processor, how much RAM, how many cameras, or what size battery this foldable phone might have. It is rumored that the foldable smartphone could launch as the Galaxy F after firmware was discovered bearing the branding.

Something that might offer a little comfort is that Samsung’s top mobile guy, DJ Koh, has previously stated that the folding phone would be a high-end device and that it would be released globally. Naturally, there has been no hint of a price tag, but you can guarantee that buying the foldable phone will not be something that your wallet will thank you for.

If you were the cynical sort, you might think that Samsung has only posted the tease because of the rumor last week that its bitter local rival, LG, would show off its own foldable smartphone at CES 2019, which is just two months away. Despite all the unfulfilled Project Valley and Galaxy X rumors of previous years, it’s difficult not to feel a little excitement for what Samsung might unveil later this week at its developer conference in San Francisco.

Are you excited?

Source: Samsung (Facebook)

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  • pda96

    Not really excited about this. If a phone is fold-able, then it becomes much thicker and can look unsightly if tucked in a pant back pocket.

    • Peter Holden

      I’m excited in the way that I’m looking forward to what advances the third and fourth generation devices will bring, if that makes sense?
      We’ve been waiting for this since before 2013, so I guess I can be a little more patient, for a little while longer yet.

  • rabel

    Would prefef timely OS update to gimmics.