YouTube is down for everyone right now, including YouTube TV and YouTube Music

Google’s major video streaming platform, YouTube, is totally down right now. The home page on desktop is struggling to load anything, and while the mobile app seems like it’s faring a little better at showing some videos, they totally error out when you actually try to watch them. Google’s acknowledged the problem, although they haven’t said what’s causing the errors or when they’ll be fixed.

This is impacting all of YouTube’s core services, including YouTube proper, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music. Google Play Music seems to be unaffected, and no other Google services seem to be down.

I can’t imagine Google will let this go on for so long, so keep an eye out for any updates. In the meantime, go try to be productive, I guess? I don’t really remember what we did before YouTube, but if anyone remembers, let us know.

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  • 1776vtgmb

    Conveniently went down when the Texas
    senate debate was going on and amazingly
    came back up minutes after the debate was over.
    Ted Cruz was destroying the democrat who had
    lied about not taking PAC money….

    • Richard Dennis

      Always about politics..