Google Pixel 3 pre-orders are now shipping (for some)

If you pre-ordered a Pixel 3 device directly from Google, shipment notifications are starting to hit email inboxes. Actual delivery dates are a little hazy at the moment, with some suggesting a delivery as early as tomorrow (Oct. 17). Unfortunately, Google’s and FedEx’s delivery estimates don’t always agree. The general target date for deliveries at this point is October 18th if you pulled the trigger early. Friday, October 19th is possible for later orders.

If you ordered (early) from Verizon, the only US carrier to offer the Pixel 3 models, deliveries were estimated for October 18th as well. I haven’t gotten a shipment notification yet from my Verizon order, but it clearly listed October 18th in my confirmation email. Verizon is usually reliable with delivery dates, but for now I’ll have to just wait and see. Keep in mind that if you did order from Verizon, the phones are factory unlocked like the models shipped from Google. You’re free to use another carrier’s SIM card if desired.

Pre-orders for both the unlocked and Verizon models went live on October 9th during Google’s launch event in New York. I’ll update this post when I get my Verizon shipping notice.

Update: At least in my case, Verizon is not delivering Pixel 3 phones on October 18. At best, that’s when they’ll ship, meaning most won’t have them until Monday, October 22. They will, however, be in stores on October 18. And that begs the question… What’s the point of pre-ordering from Verizon!?

Source: Android Police

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  • Hans Peter

    Don’t see the point either on pre-ordering on the google store from germany. The phones estimated arrival date is November 7-8 and in stores it is November 2. So what is the point in pre-ordering here…. I don’t understand either why it is so different from the usa… In previous leaks there were already devices at selected retailers… So HELLO Google !?