Want your Google Home to look like Mickey Mouse? Otterbox has you covered

Were you watching Google’s event today and thinking to yourself, “man, a Google Home Mini would be so much cooler with Mickey Mouse ears?” No? Okay, I doubt anyone was thinking that, but Otterbox is making it anyway. So now you definitely are thinking about it. See how that works?

The new Otterbox “case” for the Google Home Mini uses the iconic Mickey Mouse design with The Mouse’s signature pants as a stand for the Google Home and a black case for the screen, complete with oversized ears. The device’s perfectly round shape will fit where Mickey’s face would otherwise be. Installation is easy, and you can easily complement the rest of the Disney decor in your house. It’s gonna look pretty bad if you go for the Aqua color, though.

Gotta admit, though, it’s way more interesting than the other Google Home Mini holders and stands that we’ve covered.

Preorder: Google Store

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