Google’s “new” Chromecast now comes in white

This one almost completely flew under the radar today, but Google has released their latest iteration of Chromecast on the Google Store. It’s still $35 and doesn’t appear to have changed much, but you can get it in Chalk now. As someone that loves increasingly rare white electronics, this might be the coolest thing of the day for me.

I’m kidding, but not really.

The specs are literally identical to the 2nd generation Chromecast, but it does appear to have a slightly redesigned puck. It still slings media to your TV, still integrates into Google’s smart home ecosystem, and still hides behind your TV so you’ll never actually see it.

I’ll take two.

Buy it now: Google Store

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  • Richard Dennis

    I own three of them… And never use them… I also own 3 Amazon TV devices… But the Nexus Player is still my every day driver..