Google Home Hub is announced, adding a visual component to Google Home devices

Earlier this year several companies announced and released some Smart Display devices, which were essentially Google Home assistants with screens to display an extra layer of information. Interestingly, though, Google didn’t try their hand at supporting this new platform.

Good news, though, is that this won’t be another Pixel Watch situation. Alongside the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate, Google has announced the Google Home Hub, a new Home device with a crisp 7-inch screen to help you throughout the day.

Google Assistant gets visual

This new device has the best that Google has to offer all in once place, including YouTube, Google Photos, Calendar, Maps, and regular old Search results, plus tons more. It’s a fairly unassuming device that Google’s proud of with a sleek design that will blend into just about any kind of decor, and it comes in the typical Google Home colors. I really dig the aqua color.

There’s no camera on the device, though, which was a very specific design choice. Probably smart considering how iffy people can feel about Google’s privacy features, but don’t expect to do any video chatting on this device. It does include an ambient light sensor, however, which is key to keeping the device hidden in plain sight and not keeping you awake at night with a bright screen.

Routines are active on the Home Hub and more powerful than ever, especially if you’re in a group or family situation. It can display your calendar entries for the day, your commute time via Google Maps, the weather, and anything else that might be relevant to the day ahead.

Old device, new tricks

The device is perfect at handling regular Google Home stuff, like controlling your other smart home devices, adjusting the thermostat and lights, locking your doors, and setting reminders, but now Google Assistant can really shine by giving you full, detailed recipes on a screen, instead of just reciting steps. Google is tossing in 6 months of YouTube Music, too, so you can use the Google Home Hub as a premium party device or just to get some background noise during dinner. And, hey, dedicated YouTube machine! I’m down.

The Google Home Hub goes on sale on October 22nd for $149, which is honestly a pretty aggressive price point. You can pre-order it today directly through Google.

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