OnePlus details their new highly advanced Screen Unlock technology ahead of the OnePlus 6T

It’s one of those common sense things that you never really think about, but you spend a ton of time unlocking your smartphone every day. Whether you’re old-school and still using a PIN or pattern code, or you’ve got a fancy new device with advanced fingerprint scanners and facial recognition, you very frequently unlock your phone no matter what you use it for.

OnePlus wants to make that experience a little better with their new highly touted Screen Unlock technology.

On their forums, OnePlus details how you’ll interact with locked screen interface on the OnePlus 6T later this year. The process starts with the in-display fingerprint scanner powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, which allows the device to securely store fingerprint information in its own dedicated trust zone. This works extremely quickly, and OnePlus has spent a ton of development time trimming milliseconds off how long it takes to unlock your phone, but they’ve also attempted to perfect the animation to perfect the entire unlocking experience.

This is a ton of information for the simple process of getting into your phone, but in-display fingerprint scanners are the next big thing in mobile security, and it’s something that OnePlus even admits they’ve been working on since the OnePlus 5T. It’s a tough thing to pull off with current technology, and OnePlus will mark the first mainstream offering with that kind of biometric security, so there’s a lot riding on this launch.

source: OnePlus Forums

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