Say hello to the Google Home Mini in Aqua

Google has announced a new color the Google Home Mini family today, just in case anyone wasn’t happy with the black, white, and coral options. Now you’ll be able to buy the smart speaker in a shade of blue that Google is calling Aqua.

The material for the device is the same so it’s still pretty close in design to the other colors, and it’s still inoffensive enough that it’ll blend in to just about any environment. In fact, the coral color is still probably the loudest of the bunch.

Otherwise, this Google Home Mini is exactly like the other models. It’ll run $49 and do all of the same music playback, question answering, and timer setting that the other speakers do, just in a cooler shade.

You’ll be able to purchase the new color later this month directly from Google, or from Walmart’s website.

How to set up your Google Home device

Incipio’s Wall Mount for your Google Home Mini is now available in the US for $15