MetroPCS rebrands as simply Metro with new plans and features

MetroPCS has announced a new rebranding effort by dropping the PCS from their name and sticking with simply Metro, by T-Mobile. But their namesake isn’t the only thing that’s changing, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. They’ll be including some tiers of their plans with Amazon Prime and Google One subscriptions, making for a pretty compelling prepaid option.

T-Mobile is taking this pretty seriously, obviously, so the announcement also comes with some points about how much better prepaid has gotten in the last few years compared to postpaid plans and devices. Metro has doubled their subscriber base in the past five years by not only offering a pretty massive network from T-Mobile but also offering tons of devices. Not just cheap prepaid devices, either; it’s pretty normal for flagship phones to launch on prepaid networks day and date with the postpaid guys at this point, too.

If you’re interested in those plan price points, you can check them out in the graph above. The old $30 and $40 plans are still here with all of the normal stuff you expect, but the two new plans hit $50 and $60 prices. They both include unlimited data with the former offering 5GB of hotspot and the latter offering 15GB of hotspot. Both plans also give you a complementary Google One subscription, but the top tier plan also throws in Amazon Prime. $60 a month for unlimited data, plus cloud backup and everything Amazon Prime has to offer? That’s a deal.

Expect these Metro by T-Mobile plans and branding to go live next month.

source: T-Mobile

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