Red Hydrogen One software details surface thanks to the FCC

The Red Hydrogen One is still a pretty mysterious device despite a ton of buzz and hype surrounding it. We know Red is planning big things for it, but we don’t know how it’ll look in action. At least, until today, anyway.

A manual for the Red Hydrogen One was uploaded to the FCC’s website along with a camera interface screenshot, so we can learn a little bit more about the phone before it’s officially released to the public soon.

First up, here’s the camera.

Before you get too excited, it’s still a phone camera interface. There’s a focus indicator, a shutter button, and some settings, like everything else that’s released in the past few years. But what we’re interested in is stuff like the button that toggles between 2D and 3D photos (throwbaaack) and the button that switches between Program mode and manual mode, with Program mode handling all of your exposure and lighting settings for you. Manual mode kicks on all the pro-level features that power users love to take a perfect shot.

We’re also able to see the home screen before launch, which is honestly probably kind of boring. There’s not much fancy stuff a smartphone homescreen will do right out of the box, although you do get to see some of the theme effects Red is using. Personally, not a huge fan of that gray style. It looks like a lazy icon pack.

Early adopters are getting their phones on October 9th, so fingers crossed we won’t have to wait much longer for the really juicy details.

via: Android Authority

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