Android One powered Nokia 7.1 Plus leaks with a notched display


Nokia has had a pretty successful comeback with their latest slew of Android devices, and that trend looks to continue with the leaked upcoming Nokia 7.1 Plus. The original Nokia 7 Plus was received well and is even getting its Android Pie update soon, so this newer phone will hopefully be more of the same.

The leaked render shows the familiar design of the Nokia 7.1 Plus, and yep, it also shows off a notched display. Nokia got in some hot water with Google over the notched display in the Android One flavored Nokia 6.1 Plus due to implementing a notch toggle in Android Oreo, so fingers crossed they’ve got their ducks in a row for this one.

Speaking of, the Nokia 7.1 Plus is also rumored to be an Android One device, so you won’t have to deal with much bloatware or excess software here. We’re still not sure about what hardware to expect on this phone, however, although some rumors are circulating that we’ll see a Snapdragon 710 on board. If that pans out, the Nokia 7.1 Plus will be a compelling flagship alternative at a much cheaper price, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

via: 9to5 Google

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