Google releases an improved headphone jack adapter with better battery life

Google has released a new and improved headphone jack adapter for the Google Pixel 2 family, offering a better experience for connecting your standard headphones to the Pixel’s only USB-C port. Feel free to go ahead and get those eye rolls out of the way.

Okay, so what exactly is this new adapter? Well, it’s slightly thinner and more compact than the original adapter that shipped with the Pixel 2, but more importantly it offers lower latency and better battery life while connected to your phone. You should get around a 40% improvement in battery life while listening to music with the dongle plugged in thanks to it being more efficient. It’s an odd way to improve battery life, but if you’re still carrying around headphone dongles in your pocket, this is probably worth the upgrade.

The original dongle was $9, but Google’s charging slightly more for this one at $12. I’d hate to imagine the markup on these things, but you can grab the updated version from Google’s store directly below.

Buy it now: Google

  • pda96

    If they had a real headphone jack there to begin with, they wouldn’t have to waste their money on improving the adapter. Duhh…