Fortnite on Android hits 15 million installs, no Google Play necessary

When Fortnite announced its Android debut, Epic Games made it clear that users would only be able to install the game directly from Epic, bypassing the Google Play Store entirely. Epic claims that was done to maintain a “closer relationship” with the player, although most of us just assumed it was to bypass Google’s 30% cut of micro transactions. Whatever the reason, though, it looks like it’s paid off. Fortnite has hit some crazy install numbers so far.

According to Epic’s most recent blog post, after launching Fortnite exclusively with Galaxy devices they’ve had 23 million people sign up for the Fortnite Android beta program and around 15 million actual installs. That’s pretty much with just the latest crop of Samsung flagships and a handful of other Android devices, too, all within 21 days.

Outside of the number of installs, Epic also talks about the challenges they had in getting Fortnite to work on Android in general, which was especially difficult since they wanted to support cross-platform play. Users can join their PC friends with a phone, which is no small feat.

Fortnite and Fragmentation

When it comes to getting a game like this running on Android, you have to talk about fragmentation. I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing that argument for the past few years, but with the sheer volume of different Android models and manufacturers and devices, that’s simply something that developers have to contend with. Epic worked very closely with Samsung to guarantee a smooth, fun experience on Galaxy devices, which is why we saw the exclusivity period.

On a more positive side, though, Epic has seen people that signed up for the Fortnite beta are using relatively modern software and hardware, with over 92% of users running Android 8.0 Oreo or newer. So while we may still see quite a few devices running older software, newer devices and power users are staying up to date.

If you want to dig more into how Fortnite was ported to Android, check out Epic’s blog post. There’s a ton of interesting information there that’s definitely worth reading through.

source: Epic Games

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