Huawei announces EMUI 9.0, their latest flavor based on Android Pie

Huawei announced their newest version of EMUI based on Google’s Android 9 Pie OS, bringing several new features and a streamlined user experience. The software is currently in beta with open signups, but we should expect to see it officially on Huawei devices soon.

The biggest change for users will likely be the simplified experience, which is likely the biggest drawback to many Android skins. Too many options and menus can really turn the interface into a slog, but Huawei wants to trim that back a little bit and make everything more intuitive without sacrificing some of those features that people really like. Huawei says the interface is, on average, about 13% faster in terms of how long it takes for a user to tap through and navigate to do something. Apps launch faster, too, with Instagram starting 12% faster and Spotify starting 11% faster.

Hard to tell if that’s from Huawei’s optimizations or Android Pie simply being better, though.

EMUI will also have features like GPU Turbo 2.0 which allows a device to intelligently manage workloads to guarantee a better gaming experience, HiVision which is like Huawei’s version of Google Lens, and a password vault built right into the software. That’s on top of everything new that Google announced with Android 9 Pie.

There’s still plenty we want to know about EMUI 9.0, but you can bet we’ll see much more when Huawei releases the Mate 20 later this year.

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