[Sponsored] Bestek’s massive Price Cut Sale knocks some gadgets down to just $0.01 with a social twist

Bestek’s latest promotion can potentially sell you some new gadgets for just a penny. I get it, that sounds like a stretch, but if you’ve got some friends that would be willing to help you out, you legitimately can get a new charger, HDMI switcher, or whatever else for basically free. Read on to find out how.

Up front you don’t have to pay anything. Simply pick whatever thing you want from Bestek’s Price Cut sale catalog and try to make the purchase. It won’t charge you, but you’ll get a link that you can share anywhere else on the internet. Think social media circles like Facebook or Twitter, although simply sending that link to your friends and family works too.

If enough people follow your link and help you cut the price of the thing you want, Bestek will notify you and you’ll be able to make the purchase for $0.01 with free shipping. And really, that’s pretty much it! You have to do the legwork of getting some people to help you out, but hey, that’s cheaper than buying that power inverter, isn’t it?

As always, there are some fine print details to pay attention to. You have to complete the order within 48 hours of winning it, and your friends can only help you with the price cut once every 24 hours. Nothing major to get snagged on, though.

So if you’re interested, follow the link below, and let us know what you’re trying to buy! Drop a comment with your referral link to help each other out, too.

Bestek Price Cut Promotion