2 million T-Mobile customers had their data breached on August 20th

T-Mobile has announced that a few days ago on August 20th, their information systems were compromised and hackers were able to swipe some data from 2 million customers, which is around 3% of the carrier’s total customer base. Data breaches¬†like this are always bad news, but this one could be worse.

The carrier reports that the info that was stolen included names, zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and account types, but the really important stuff like social security numbers and passwords are safe. Again, no data breaches are okay or easy to deal with, but at least there’s nothing critical coming out of this one.

T-Mobile will be notifying affected customers via text message, so you should start getting those notifications soon if your info was breached. If you don’t get the text, well, you lucked out on this phone. Might want to change your passwords just to be safe, though.

via: The Verge