Google announces Android Pie (Go Edition) with more storage, faster booting, and extra security

After announcing Android Pie earlier this month, Google has formally unveiled Android Pie (Go edition) which the search giant claims offers a more streamlined, more secure version of Android that is suited to smartphones with modest specifications. With more than 200 devices running Android Go in over 120 countries at prices starting from a measly $30, this is part of Google’s strategy to reach the next billion smartphone users. 

While the average Android installation takes around 5.5GB of a handset’s built-in storage, the first version of Android Go brought that figure down to just 3GB. The new Pie version of Android Go will only take 2.5GB of storage, which makes a noticeable difference when you are dealing with a phone that has 8GB of storage. Besides this even smaller footprint, Android Go Pie Edition also benefits from Go versions of popular Google apps and services such as Files Go, Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go and more. The Pie version of Android Go includes the following new features:

  • Faster boot times
  • Top of the line security features such as verified boot
  • Dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption

More than 100 OEM’s including Nokia, Moto, Huawei, to name just a few, are planning on releasing handsets in 2018 with Android Go installed.

Source: Google

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