Samsung announces new SmartThings WiFi mesh system, powered by Plume

Samsung has announced a new SmartThings WiFi router that utilizes mesh networking technology powered by Plume. This puts Samsung in direct competition with companies like Google and Eero, who also offer some high-performance mesh networks.

However, Samsung has a trick up its sleeve. It’s launching these devices in the SmartThings family, so it comes with a SmartThings hub built right in to take control of your smart home without any extra devices. 

Mesh networks are becoming more popular now that we have many, many more connected devices on a single home network, and all of those devices demand better performance and tighter security. That’s the primary goal of Samsung’s router here, as you can add multiple connections to a single network. Each router covers around 1500 square feet, so the starter kit with 3 devices will handle a 4500 square foot house.

But it’s not like we haven’t seen mesh networks before, so Samsung is relying on the SmartThings integration and some software features to help it stand out. Thanks to its integration with Plume, you’ll be able to manage screen time and internet access for devices for kids and guests, and you can easily handle guest logins for when you don’t want someone to have your regular WiFi network password.

And with one of these, you won’t need an extra hub for tons of connected lights, locks, thermostats, and other third-party devices, so long as they’re compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings. You can more easily control and automate your house, and you won’t have to worry about performance.

Samsung is selling a single router for $119, and the three pack for $279. That’s pretty close in price to Google WiFi and very competitive with other offerings, so it seems like a good deal, especially for someone wanting to get into home automation.

source: Samsung

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