Android Pie busted the fast charging feature on the Pixel XL

Forget the Pixel 3, we’re going to talk about the original Pixel XL. More specifically, the fact that Google’s Android 9.0 Pie update seems to have screwed up some of those original models, and now they’re not charging as quickly as they should be. Oops.

The phone is supposed to charge much faster if connected to the appropriate hardware. You’ll get a notification on your phone about the faster charging speeds, and, obviously, you won’t have to stay plugged in for nearly as long. But some users are reporting that all of that has stopped after taking the latest update.

The good news, however, is that Google is aware of the problem. They don’t know what’s causing it just yet, but they are digging in and searching for a solution. And if you have the smaller, regular Pixel or any of the Pixel 2 models, you don’t have to worry about this at all. It’s definitely weird, but maybe the fix will be quick.

source: Android Authority

  • Stephenmhall

    Well, mine seems to be working fine. Shows rapidly charging and went from 44% to full in about an hour although I wasn’t watching.

  • waterboy87825

    my pixel 2 xl is charging fine on the pie….no changes

    • Jared Peters

      Yep, should only impact the original Pixel XL. Not the second generation.

  • Richard Dennis

    The only thing i have noticed on my XL2 is when sending a text message you get a standard notification… Its irritating.. and you cant turn it off..