Newton Mail is heading for the chopping block this September

Newton Mail was one of my favorite third-party email apps thanks to its excellent user interface, broad cross-platform support, and plethora of powerful features, and despite a pretty hefty annual price tag, I’ve been using it daily for a few years now. Unfortunately, I’m gong to have to find a new email app later this year, as Newton will be shutting down in September.

The app, which originally launched as CloudMagic way back in 2013, has found that it’s actually really hard to compete as a paid email subscription service in the current landscape, especially when the regular old Gmail app is good enough for most people. Things aren’t like they used to be with default apps that sorely lacked necessary features, and that made a monthly subscription a hard pill to swallow for all but the most enthusiastic power users.

And so, after September 25th, you can say goodbye to Newton forever. New signups are disabled immediately, and Newton will be working on getting refunds out to users that paid ahead for annual subscriptions.

You can read the full obituary blog post at the link below, and if you have any recommendations for third-party email apps, drop them in the comments section. I’ll be hunting for a good replacement.

source: Medium

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • bigbamboo

    I’m loving Nine, which I’ve been using for years. And it’s a one-off payment, so no annual fees.