MoviePass ditches the price increase but imposes a 3 movie per month limit

MoviePass has been struggling lately, and their current gameplan is to keep throwing changes at a wall to see what sticks. It was previously reported that the discount movie service was going to be raising the price to $15 per month and limiting access to new movies and certain showtimes. Apparently, MoviePass realized that type of plan wouldn’t go over well, so scrap those plans, and check out what’s next.

The price increase to $15 per month isn’t happening, which is good. MoviePass is also dropping most of (but probably not all) the restrictions for new movies and other showtimes. Surge pricing is also going away completely!

All of that sounds great, right? Well, yes, but “unlimited movies every month” is effectively dead. MoviePass will be capping users to just 3 movies per month, with up to a $5 discount on any movies they see after that. That’s still really not a bad deal, especially if you frequently go to movies on opening weekends and during busy times. I’ve personally never seen more than 3 movies a month, either. However, the big problem with MoviePass the past few weeks has been the randomly disappearing showtimes that prevent you from seeing any movies whatsoever, and it’s not clear if that’s still going to be an issue after these changes take place after August 15th.

Oh, and lastly, annual subscribers won’t be affected.

source: Business Wire

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