Motorola details the Moto Z3’s 5G Moto Mod, exclusive to Verizon

Yesterday Motorola announced the new Moto Z3. On the surface the Moto Z3 is a mid-tier phone, but Motorola – with help from Verizon – hopes to turn it into something special thanks to the new 5G moto mod that will be available in early 2019. Motorola claims the combination of the 5G moto mod and Verizon’s deployment of their new 5G network will result in them being the first smartphone manufacturer to make a 5G device available to consumers.

According to Motorola, development of support for 5G networks has been in development with the help of Qualcomm via that company’s Snapdragon X50 modem. This is joined with Motorola’s work on smartphone improvements in general. Motorola claims the use of the Verizon 5G network will result in speeds 10 times faster than current networks and would allow a user to download an entire 4K movie “in just seconds.” Another benefit of the high speed network will be lower latency that can be important in making augmented reality and virtual reality applications more realistic as network-induced lag is reduced.

Motorola says the new 5G moto mod will work with the Moto Z3 mobile hotspot to provide a high speed wifi access spot for other devices. With the faster data speeds increasing processing demands on smartphones, Motorola is trying to address potential concerns by including a 2,000 mAh battery in the 5G moto mod.

Motorola has not released pricing information for the 5G moto mod, just an expected availability of early 2019.

source: Motorola

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