Facebook introduces new time monitoring tools for social media

Facebook is rolling out some new time management measures to both the Facebook and Instagram social media sites that should hopefully help you from getting too distracted from your daily life. Among these new tools are an activity dashboard, reminders, and finer control over notifications.

These are available on both apps and you’ll be able to see the time you spend on the services, plus put a warning on how much time you actually can spend on them. You can make your notifications shut up, too.

It might be a scary number to think about, but being aware of how much time you’re actually dropping into Facebook is probably a good thing to know. 15 minutes here and there can add up to hours across a day, and that’s not always the healthiest thing to do.

These tools will shoot out notifications if you hit your self-imposed limit per day, whether that’s just 20 minutes or a couple of hours. The notification control will hide your device notifications for a preset amount of time, although those will still show up if you go into the app.

These changes are coming hard on the heels of Facebook coming under fire from the public and legislators, as social media is an enormous part of the daily life of many people, for better or worse.

And hey, maybe a little less Facebook usage will help your battery life on your phone. That’s something we can all get behind.

source: Facebook

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