[Deal] Buy a Huawei P20 Pro and get a free pair of wireless Freebuds

Huawei’s P2o Pro launched earlier this year sporting mega battery life, a triple rear camera setup that produces incredible shots whether its day or night, as well as a stunning all-glass design. If you haven’t grabbed one for yourself just yet, Huawei has sweetened the pot by throwing in a pair of wireless Freebuds worth £149 if you buy a P20 Pro in the UK before August 16th. 

Besides throwing in a pair of Freebuds with the P20 Pro, if the regular P20 is more your style you’ll be able to claim a pair of non-wireless noise-canceling earphones worth £99. You’ll then need to head to Huawei’s Promo website (here) between 14 and 30-days after the purchase date to fill in the claim form. The Freebuds or noise-canceling earphones should then arrive within the following 30-days.

To make sure your purchase qualifies, you’ll need to buy your P20 or P20 Pro (SIM-free or on contract) from one of the following retailers between now and August 16th:

Once you’ve bought your new handset, don’t forget to check through our handy case guide and our list of tips and tricks to help you get acquainted with your shiny new smartphone.

Source: Huawei

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