LG doesn’t know what it’s doing, will release the V35 Signature Edition in August

We’ve made plenty of jokes about LG releasing way too many flagship phones this year, and apparently, LG isn’t listening. Not even slightly.

Next up on the flagship train for the company with a fumbling mobile division is the LG V35 Signature Edition, offering almost no worthwhile upgrades to the current V35 ThinQ, but it doesn’t have the ThinQ branding and will be really expensive. Go get’em, LG.

Okay, so what exactly is so special about this Special Edition? Well, you’ll get 256GB of storage instead of the 64GB found on the V30, and it will likely have a durable, scratch resistant body instead of the normal material. Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be any other differences aside from the much higher price tag, which is rumored to come in at around $1800.

I get it, the point of these special, limited edition phones isn’t to replace your current crop of flagship phones, but instead to offer something for loyal fans and potentially get some buzz around your other products. Normally, I think that’s okay, but LG has a history of releasing a phone and then releasing another phone just a few months later that’s better in almost every way. All that means is that early adopters get screwed, which is exactly what’s happened here. Why didn’t they release this at the same time as the V35 ThinQ so users that wanted more storage would’ve had the option?

But hey, I’m not the CEO of a billion dollar company, so what do I know?

source: Android Authority

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