Netflix’s ‘Smart Downloads’ feature deletes and downloads episodes automatically

Keeping the storage organized on your phone or tablet isn’t one of life’s most enjoyable tasks, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve run out of available storage because I’ve seemingly downloaded every episode of every Marvel show on to my device. Thankfully, Netflix has seen fit to help forgetful people such as myself with the new Smart Downloads feature that deletes the episode once you’ve finished watching it and automatically downloads the next episode.

Say for instance you’ve downloaded five episodes of your favorite show; once you’ve finished the first episode, the Netflix app will automatically begin downloading the sixth episode if the device is connected to WiFi, and so on. If you have a metered WiFi connection or don’t want the app downloading further episodes automatically, you can head to Settings in the Netflix app and disable the Smart Downloads feature.

Smart Downloads is a nice touch from Netflix and will work great if your device is connected to WiFi. If you are headed somewhere remote or perhaps going on a long-haul flight, the better option will be to download the episodes manually before you leave to avoid disappointment.

To get access to the Smart Downloads function, you’ll need to be running the most recent version of the Netflix app on your tablet or smartphone.

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