Google’s Play Games app is testing a news feed hub for installed and trending games

If you struggle to keep up to date with the latest news on both your favorite games and the ones you haven’t quite gotten round to playing just yet, Google’s new “Hub” page could be just what you’ve been waiting for. Currently being tested on the Play Games app, the “Hub” page acts as a news feed for the games you have installed on your smartphone or tablet. 

First discovered by XDA user Quinny899 and then confirmed by the XDA, the “Hub” will keep you updated on “Trending” games such as PUBG Mobile or Pokémon Go. For the moment at least, it doesn’t appear that you can tailor the “Hub” feed to your unique requirements, in that you can’t swipe away news articles and the “Hub” doesn’t learn which publications you’d like to see more or less. The “Hub” will show news articles about the games you already have installed on your device or are trending on the Play Store.

It’s unknown when, or if, the “Hub” page will roll out to the masses. According to the XDA, it is available on version 5.10.6082 of the Play Games app, although perhaps it is a server-side test because it didn’t show on my device when I side-loaded the APK. If the “Hub” page does make it past the testing stage, hopefully, it will gain the ability to customize the feed along the way.

Source: XDA

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