Disappointing Galaxy S9 sales are dragging Samsung’s revenue down

After launch, we originally saw that the Galaxy S9 was seeing slightly weaker demand than the Galaxy S8, at least in South Korea. That wasn’t actually surprising considering how little Samsung changed between the Galaxy S9 and its predecessor, but now it looks like that’s eating into the bottom line for the company.

Slow Galaxy S9 Sales

Samsung posted record first quarter profits earlier this year, although a huge portion of that was thanks to the company’s manufacturing and component division. Now Samsung is issuing guidance for the next quarter and it’s looking like they’ll see a roughly 1% drop in sales, although still with an 11% increase in profit year-over-year. Don’t take it as doom and gloom just yet.

Many analysts expect that the Galaxy S9’s poor sales have contributed heavily to this decline, and they’re expecting it to be the worst selling Samsung flagship since the Galaxy S3. That’s still estimating about 31 million units shipped this year, which is nothing to sneeze at, but they’re trying to capture that 50 million Galaxy S7 mark again.

But hey, we still have a Galaxy Note to look forward to soon.

source: The Verge

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • pda96

    It’s greed that’s dragging Samsung down. If they were more aggressive with the S9 promos, they would have sold more. The S7/S8 promos were much much better back then. Samsung probably thought the S9 could sell itself.

  • Brian Thorn

    I have an S8+. I just don’t see any compelling reason to upgrade to a 9, promos or no promos.