Samsung phones are dangerously sending random photos to random contacts

Samsung phones are no stranger to quirky problems, but this time the problem may actually be more serious than a phone exploding in your pocket. Apparently, several devices, including but not limited to the Galaxy S9, are spontaneously sending random photos to contacts in a user’s phone. It could be any photo sent to any contact, so I’m sure you can already see where the danger could be.

The bug is happening with Samsung’s default messaging application, as taking away the storage permission from the app keeps it from happening. Samsung’s fully aware of what’s happening and they’re investigating, and while some users are speculating that this started happening after certain carriers began pushing out their RCS messaging updates, T-Mobile has officially stated the problem isn’t on there end.

If you’re affected, you won’t even see any outbound texts or images in your texting application. Everything looks normal on your end, but the recipient can still receive one or many photos from your phone.

If there’s anything personal on your phone that you wouldn’t want strangers to see, you may want to consider moving it off of your Samsung device for the time being. At the very least revoking Samsung Messages’ storage permission and using a different app until everything blows over would be a great idea.

source: The Verge

About the Author: Jared Peters

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