Huawei’s GPU Turbo tech will increase gaming performance on existing phones by 60%

It isn’t often that a manufacturer can boost the performance of a handset that launched months ago, but it seems that Huawei has found the secret sauce to help it do just that. The Chinese handset maker would appear to have noticed the buzz that Razer and ASUS caused with the launch of their gaming phones and decided that it would like to get in on the action. In a nutshell, Huawei will soon roll out a software update to a bunch of its previously released smartphones that will boost the graphics performance by up to 60%.

Besides boosting the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) by 60%, the update should also increase battery efficiency by up to 30%, which is again, a most impressive number. The technology is called GPU Turbo and it will mean that graphically intensive games such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be able to run at higher frame rates with much more detail and special effects. Besides improving gaming performance, GPU Turbo will also support AR and VR applications, although that may need developers to code in support for specific devices.

These are the Huawei and Honor handsets said to be getting the GPU Turbo software update:



The Honor 10 GT has just launched in China with 8GB RAM and the GPU Turbo software pre-installed, a phone which we may soon see in Europe under the Honor 10 Play moniker if the rumors are correct.

With the software updates slated to begin rolling out from August sometime, owners of compatible handsets can soon look forward to increased graphics performance as well as even better battery life. Now we just have to be patient and wait.

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  • ZBlade

    I am interested on how exactly they are able to boost GPU performance by up to 60% and increase battery life by 30% at the same time. The first thing that comes to mind is to reduce game resolution, remove AA, remove shadow and add hardware tweaks such as overclocking. I am a bit skeptical on all of this.

    • I’m curious to find out, I have reached out to my contact at Huawei for clarification. My initial theory (100% unproven) is that Huawei has perhaps leveraged the NPU (Neural Processing Unit), but it’s seriously just a wild stretch of my imagination at this point. Hopefully the contact will get back to me with more details, which I’ll pass on.

      • ZBlade

        Cool. Leveraging another processing unit would be the most logical thing to improve GPU performance but this could impact performance for other aspects of the phone. Wonder if they will actually tell you what they have done.

        • Still waiting for more details, I haven’t forgotten.