Swype is now available to QVGA owners

Swype is probably the most popular 3rd party keyboard out there. The problem with it is that it had limitations in coding and licensing. Basically only certain devices were allowed to have the keyboard installed. With different screen resolutions on different devices, it made porting difficult. QVGA devices have never had a chance to use Swype, but those days may be numbered.

According to XDA member, NickHu, Swype is developing backwards so that the few remaining devices with smaller screen resolutions can  use Skype. QVGA devices are supported in this latest beta update. Several members are reporting that it works very well. There is even a UK dictionary.

Swype is in beta so you will need to register with them in order to use it. Also check out the forum topic for more info.

[via XDA developers]

  • Tony Hedges

    Swype is a great idea, but. I have tried it before, when it first came out. I so wanted it to be good to use. I thought to myself that the best ideas are those ones that make you think, why that’s do simple, why had it not been thought of before? This is one of those.

    I don’t use it though. Why? Because although I have been typing on computer keyboards for more years than I care to recall here and know my way around. But when it came to swype-ing my finger about, I lost all confidence on which direction to go in the middle of a word. The more I used Swype the worse the mid-word hesitation got. In the end it was so bad I decided to take it off my phone.

    I now use SwiftKey keyboard, it looks and behaves like a normal keyboard, the clever bit happens out of the way. It learns how you use language and it’s predictions are so good you can race along typing only a few letters of each word. In my opinion SwiftKey is way better than Swype.

  • I agree with you. I do not find swype natural at all, but I cannot argue with the success they have had. A lot of people swear by it.