New WhatsApp group setting creates a broadcast platform

Late last week WhatsApp added a new admin control that can effectively turn WhatsApp into a one-way broadcast platform. This could be useful in situations where an admin needs to be able to send out a message to a group of people without worrying about replies or subsequent group chatter. This update joins other improvements WhatsApp has been making to the groups experience on the platform including descriptions of a group, a “catch up” feature, and the ability of users to prevent repeatedly being re-added to groups they have tried to leave.

The new setting that restricts messages to only admins is intended for groups like non-profit organizations, schools or individual teachers. Really any user that needs to be able to push information out to a group of users as an announcement.

To access this new setting, a user needs to open “Group Info” and then to into “Group Settings” then find “Send Messages” and select “Only Admins”. WhatsApp says the update is rolling out globally.

source: WhatsApp