HTC announces a new round of layoffs, cutting 1500 jobs from the company

It’s pretty rare that we get to write anything positive about HTC anymore, and today’s not much better. The company has announced that they’ll be axing 1500 jobs to shore up their extremely low profits, accounting for nearly 22% of its total employee count. Ouch.

On the bright side, some HTC officials have said they’ll work to try and find somewhere for the affected workers to land, however small of a consolation that may be.

These jobs are getting cut directly from their manufacturing division, which makes sense from an efficiency standpoint, but HTC already lost around 2000 employees by selling their Pixel team off to Google last year. They’re running a very barebones crew no matter how you slice it.

As much as I doubt it, maybe this trimming down will be the start of HTC turning things around instead of continuing their decline into irrelevance.

via: Engadget