Google adds more privacy and security controls to all Google Accounts

Google has announced some new settings that you’ll find in your Google Account, and they’re all centered around managing your privacy and security. Things are laid out more clearly, you have better insight into what’s tied to your account, and there’s a search bar to make all of this even faster.

That search bar will quickly take you into relevant sections of the new experience, but it can also be used as a help tool if you don’t know how to change your password. It links directly to Google’s new support center that’s loaded with info about how to do most basic tasks.

The Data & Personalization tab of the new experience will show you all the info that’s tied into your account, including Activity controls such as when your device tracks your location, your recorded audio files from talking to Google Assistant, your YouTube search history, and much more. Instead of having to track this stuff across multiple apps, it’s all in a single location.

Google’s also adding a privacy checkup that will give you an overview of your privacy settings and tell you what exactly everything’s being used for, and the security checkup counterpart will monitor your account for any weird activity and give you tips to keep your account more secure. That includes suggestions like removing your account from old, unused devices, or nixing unverified apps that still have access to your data.

There’s a lot to like here, and it’s rolling out now to Android devices. iOS devices can expect the update later this year.

source: Google

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