Google updates the TalkBack app and renames it to Android Accessibility Suite

Not everyone has 20/20 sight, those of us with impaired vision might be familiar with the TalkBack app that aids smartphone navigation with its spoken feedback. The app has just received an update, and as it so often does, Google has also decided to rename the TalkBack app to the Android Accessibility Suite in the process. 

While the TalkBack moniker was hardly representative of everything the app can achieve, the new moniker definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue. Anyhow, the Android Accessibility Suite consists of the following three sections:

  • TalkBack – Provides spoken and audio feedback, along with vibrations to help the visually impaired navigate the phone without having to see the display
  • Switch Access – Allows the user to control the device with a switch assistive device
  • Select to Speak – Reads or describes what the user has selected on-screen

The update brings the app up to version 6.2 with the TalkBack function gaining Focus Management along with Android TV improvements, and the Switch Access got new settings and improved spoken feedback. You can get access to these features under the Accessibility menu in Settings.

Download it here: Play Store Link