Google’s Datally app gains Wi-Fi Map, Guest Mode, and Daily Limits in latest update

Mobile data can be a tricky thing to manage if you have a limited amount to get you through the month, especially when the 2018 World Cup has begun. To help with this, Google launched an app called Datally, back in November 2017, which enables you to understand where your data is going, control usage, and how to make your data go further. Today, the search giant has detailed another four ways to make sure you get the most out of your mobile data allowance.

Google says that since its launch last year, the Datally app has saved the average user 21% of their mobile data, which is no mean feat. Besides showing how the data is used in a series of daily, weekly, and even monthly graphs, here are another four ways to save even more data:

  • Guest Mode – Set the amount of data that the guest user can use
  • Daily Limit – Set the maximum amount of data you want to use each day and receive warnings when you get close to the limit, which you can then choose to heed or ignore
  • Unused Apps – Informs you when an unused app is siphoning off up to 20% of your data in the background and lets you uninstall the app with a single tap
  • Wi-Fi Map – Find out where all the nearby Wi-Fi networks are and choose the one with the best connection, so you don’t have to use your mobile data

These are all excellent suggestions and tools, but it does make me a little curious about why the Datally app isn’t built-in to the Android system in the first place.
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Source: Google

Google unveils Datally, a new app to help you manage your mobile data plan

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