Android Messages on the web is now live

Android Messages has been confirmed to pick up Allo’s desktop messaging feature, and Google has finally flipped the switch for everyone to jump in. That’s a pretty big nail in the coffin for Allo since that was one of the only cool defining features in Google’s suite of messaging apps, but great news for normal people that just want to use the default SMS app on their phone.

To get started, you’ll simply have to browse over to Google’s site for the service and follow the instructions to get your phone ready, and text away. No clunky workarounds or third-party software anymore.

Once you’ve got everything paired, you can use that web page to send and receive texts that are coming in through your phone. Like most Google rollouts it might take some time before your particular phone can fully utilize the feature, but I imagine this will be a much quicker rollout than what Google usually does.

Aside from the desktop texting, Android Messages is also getting a few other new features like link previews, GIF search, and Smart Replies. Even if you’re living in a post-PC world you’ll still get some new features to play with.

Sorry, Allo users. Anybody still waiting to make the switch?

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • paul

    Tap the More options menu is not on the app, for me as of yet

    • Richard Dennis

      Me neither.. And i am running a Pixel 2XL with Android P