FCC filing hints at the Moto C2 Android Go smartphone from Motorola

A new FCC filing appears to confirm a new Android Go smartphone from Motorola, called the Moto C2. That’s on top of the Android One phone that we’re already expecting from Motorola sooner rather than later, too.

The filing lists the phone with the model XT1920 and confirms that it’s been certified to use in the US, which is always a good sign for an impending launch.

Bad news, however, is that FCC filings aren’t always great for figuring out hardware specs of devices. We know it’s going to be an Android Go device, so you can expect lesser specs and a lightweight version of Android, but some other leaks have mentioned 1GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage, plus a 2000mAh battery. Things such as the processor, screen size and resolution, and extra features like a fingerprint scanner or waterproofing are still up in the air but will really make or break the device as a good value.

Either way, keep an eye out for this and the Motorola One Power sooner rather than later.

source: Android Headlines

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